Fieldays special - AI starter pack for $20K including image capture, model creation, custom dashboard and testing.

Better together policy

Pollin8 want to see affordable remote sensing improve business & community outcomes.

That is why Pollin8 provide practical agnostic advice and services focused on:

  • Getting you going quickly to demonstrate value (through our SaaS model),
  • Providing API access from day 1.
  • Provide data connectors to provide the best of both worlds - operational issues are managed by Pollin8 with the security that you can get a data feed or integration into your environment for future analytics against other systems.

The Pollin8 difference:

  • Any sensor (IoT or edge image recognition).
  • Any network,
  • Pro-active alerting,
  • Advanced analytics using PowerBI with the option to customise & leverage your own team (if desirable),
  • Dashboards & web app + progressive web app (mobile),
  • Interoperability: Access to API's automatic, with data connector/relays to retain your own data available on request**
  • Better together policy: If one government agency funds the integration of a new sensor, the integration will be made available to other government agencies for re-use*.

* With sourcing agency approval.

** Subject to a Change Request (CR).