About us

We’re passionate about empowering better business & community outcomes through the smart application of technology.

To ensure IoT projects are successful, we don’t just focus on the technology, we can work with you to understand your business opportunities, then tailor an engagement based on your specific needs. This could consist of:

  • Awareness, strategy & roadmaps spanning the potential of the Internet Of Things (IoT).
  • Ideation workshops to identify & prioritise how IoT & AI could assist with your specific issues or new service opportunities.
  • IoT Trials: We provide turn-key trial services, utilising the best global products tailored to your budget, to validate the business outcomes & ROI prior to significant capital or operational investment.
  • End to end service across devices, networks, IoT Platforms, Analytics, AI & Integration to business applications e.g. CRM’s & BI.
  • Commercialise: We provide the innovation processes and tools to commercialise new services.
  • Future proof: We don’t believe in data silo’s. We understand that the full potential of IoT can be leveraged long term when it is accessible & integrated with your applications, predictive models & external data sets e.g. weather & statistics.
  • Flexible: We get you on your IoT journey efficiently, whilst ensuring you have a clear roadmap to scale, integrate & commoditise the value for you & your customers.
To hear more about what IoT & AI could mean for your business, feel free to contact us for some free advice.