Fieldays special - AI starter pack for $20K including image capture, model creation, custom dashboard and testing.

Flexible engagement and commercial models

We’re passionate about empowering better business & community outcomes through the smart application of technology.

We achieve this by working with you to understand your business, then tailor an engagement based on your specific needs. How we work can be summarised as:

  • Creative & open minded: We'll give you the honest options across the spectrum of process & technology.
  • Connected: We bring knowledge and experience from across sensor product development, enterprise IT and the management of complex systems.
  • Integration experts: Although we have a team of full stack developers, we are cable of handling complex integration requirements.
  • We focus on actionable alerting to improve service efficiency or experience and ensure analytics result on delivering the ability to make better decisions.  
  • We can identify and select the best equipment for your needs (devices, networks, IoT Platforms, Analytics etc...). If there is nt one, we can custom develop it for you.
  • Collaborative: We're experienced in working with large and small enterprises delivering complex initiatives across engineering, IT, operations, finance and marketing.