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Oyster GPS tracker only

Oyster GPS tracker only

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Sensor only

Best Seller! Ultra-rugged, long-life battery-powered GPS tracking device with up to 7 years battery life for asset tracking and management, theft recovery, and more.

  • Powered by 3 x AA Batteries with up to 7 years battery life
  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device tracks assets when they’re on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to save power
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Housing
  • Uses off-the-shelf Lithium batteries or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries for extreme temperature tolerance
  • Built-in Battery Meter for remote Battery Life Monitoring and Remaining Life Predictions

 *** This price is for returning customers only and does NOT include platform costs.

Sensor Oyster GPS tracker. Specific product spec here
Batteries Sensor comes with 3 batteries.

Configuration and online training videos included

12 months on the SIGFOX silver network (up to 50 messages per day) with conditions here.